5 Must-Haves to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

5 Must-Haves to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

When a website is optimized for Pinterest, it is also optimized for SEO. And we all know SEO goes a long way in terms of organic reach on Pinterest, Google and other search engines. Whether you are a blogger, business owner or both, let's make sure your website optimized for Pinterest.

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Often, my startup and small business clients would ask for help with optimizing their WordPress, Wix and Square Space site for Pinterest marketing. Many of my clients (including myself) had bad experiences with developers on UpWork and other freelance platforms. So I learned how to do it myself!

Though I currently focus on Pinterest SEO marketing, I often provide website support services when needed. This includes an SEO optimized website along with Pinterest marketing services.

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5 Must-Haves to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

Square Space, WordPress, Wix? Regardless of the platform, there are many ways to optimize your website for Pinterest.

Below are a few of the many ways to optimize your site. I will continue to update with the ever evolving platform changes:

1. Verify your website.

By verifying your site, you have access to website analytics. Knowing your clicks and repin stats allows you to track which pins are doing well in terms of bringing in website traffic.

In addition, pins that come from your domain will be automatically associated with your profile. This helps when a pin goes viral to have have your profile picture (or logo) next to it.

2. Activate Rich Pins.

Rich Pins allow users to click back to you profile on any Pin from your website. This includes pins that you didn't pin. Currently, Rich Pins include app, product, recipe, movie, article and place pins.

To validate and apply for Rich Pins, go to the Pinterest Rich Pin Validator. Enter your URL, then click Validate. If your page can't be validated, it means the required metadata wasn't detected on your page.

3. Set up social share icons.

Social share buttons make it easier to share your content and increase quality website traffic.

Need help installing Yoast, MiloTree, Sumo, Social Pug, and other plugins to optimize a website for Pinterest? Just ask our team!

4. Install and use Pinterest widgets.

A Pinterest widget makes it easier for your readers to pin your content and follow you. It can be placed on the sidebar or footer.

The profile widget shows your latest pin activity. Board widget displays your latest pins from a board of your choice.

Create a save button by going to the Pinterest Widget builder and following the instructions on the page.

5. SEO pin files.

At the time of this blog, keyworded file names are not included in their SEO. However, keywording file names is a good SEO practice as it impacts how Google treats your content.

The pin file name should be descriptive of what’s on the image. So make sure your image files contain SEO keywords.

For instance, all pin image file names used for this blog post are variations of the title: “optimize-website-pinterest.png”.

5 Must-Haves to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

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5 Must-Haves to Optimize Your Website for Pinterest