8 Simple Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest for Non-Designers

8 Simple Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest for Non-Designers

Not a graphic designer? Me too! Artistically challenged? Yeah that's me too. Through working with other designers and trial and error, I eventually picked up a thing or two on what increased stats on re-pins and clicks. Below are 8 simple ways to create viral pins on Pinterest, especially if you are a non-designer like me.

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As a Pinterest strategiest, I've helped a number of startups, small business and big brands with Pinterest SEO.  Yet, I'll be the first to say that I'm not good at design. 

It took months to develop that eye for creating viral pins. Most of the time, it was just a crap shoot. No method to the madness.

I worked with several designers and over time, I started picking up a thing or two on elements of a viral pin. Our most recent designer that has recently joined the NBG team is Kristine from Art Lab KMA

Artistically challenged? No problemo. 

Together, Kristine and I combined our past experiences to compile a list of 8 simple ways to go viral on Pinterest. Some common traits with viral pins include: 

1. Simple and big fonts

No need to go fancy pants on fonts. Simple and big fonts are more readable, particularly helpful when users are scrolling on their phone.

2. Custom graphic elements

Custom graphic elements in brand colors help illustrate blog post key points. For instance, the below infographic highlights the product benefits.

8 Simple Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest for Non-Designers

3. Less text (no sentences especially on infographics)

The majority of Pinterest users are scrolling from their phone. The less wordy a pin or infographic, the better the readability. It also helps to get right to the point.

4. Framed elements

Boxed elements and bright photography that compliments brand colors bring a focused contrast. This helps draw a pinner's attention and can increase click and repin rates.

8 Simple Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest for Non-Designers

5. Sentence case (not all caps because reading slows when texts are in all caps)

Ever read an email in all CAPS? Notice how it's harder to follow what the sender is trying to say when the entire email is in all capital letters? Plus, no one likes to be shouted at.

When the text overlay is in sentence case, it is easier on the eyes. When readability is optimized, the higher the likelihood of clicks and repins.

6. Text contrast

Simple clean type treatment with bold photography combined with text overlays can bring a sophisticated look to a pin. The same for infographics too!

8 Simple Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest for Non-Designers

7. One hero image on 2:3 ratio

Rather than multiple images on one pin, keep it simple with one hero image. It helps the pin look less busy especially when Pinterest is starting to truncate longer pins. And on that note, keep it 2:3 aspect ratio (for ex. 600x900).

8. Bold photography

Last but certainly not least, the type treatment matters on a pin. Bring in a bold brush script text adds contrast to simple fonts. It not only catches the pinner's eye, but also helps draw attention to the website/brand.

8 Simple Ways to Go Viral on Pinterest for Non-Designers

Need help on web and graphic design for your biz? To work with Kristine, contact her at ArtLabKMA.com. Be sure to also check out Art Lab KMA on Pinterest!

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