Covid Dating Chronicles (CDC): No More Dating Apps

Welps, this blog just may be the last of the CDC series. I'm saying "Thank you, NEXT" to dating apps. Thank you, next to Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel and my biggest regret was wasting money on No more dating apps for good. Thank you, NEXT What was the last straw for me? Last night, I went on a date where the guy invited me to dinner. I ended up paying for the meal and I could sense that he only invited me to get a free meal. While I've heard women do that all the time on these dating apps, I just had enough of such bad behavior. Between ghosting shenanigans to catfishing photos, enough is enough.

So how the heck am I going to meet men in the midst of quarantine? Here's the game plan... MeetUp Groups. As MeetUp groups are starting to host in-person meetings, I'll be attending more of the hobby focused, business networking and mastermind events throughout San Diego. Have Friends Play Cupid. So far, I've told everyone and their mother that I'm single and ready to mingle. My standards are no creeps and no stalkers. Leave it to the Universe. That's right. I'm all about the woo these days and am all about manifesting. Focusing on what I can control and letting the rest go. As a good friend told me, I've done everything I could. I gave dating apps my best shot. Now it's time to let go and leave space for the Universe to come in and take it from here. I'll be putting attention to work and building my social community. Time to trust that all is going to work out for the best.

Dating Woes

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