Covid Dating Chronicles (CDC): Series Highlights

From dating at work to online dating, it's been an emotional roller coaster ride. At times, it can be fun. Other times, the only thing fun is laughing about these dating woes with my friends.

Whether it's recovering from dating fatigue or dating PTSD, here's what I know for sure. Dating in my mid-30's is hard work.

Let's start from the beginning... I've never been married. My longest relationship was 3 years. That was also my last relationship. As an only child, I've always been independent. But it doesn't mean I want to be single. I'd like to be in a healthy loving long term relationship sooner rather than later. But it's been rough in the digital dating jungle. Here's the thing. I can be picky when it comes to men. I'll admit that. And here in southern California: The odds are good, but the goods are odd. So why should I settle for less? I know what I want. Through my Covid Dating Chronicle series, you're welcome to laugh and cry with me because I don't hold anything back!

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Dating Woes

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