How to Use Pinterest for Business

How to Use Pinterest for Business; Pinterest SEO Marketing 101

There are over 250 million active Pinterest users according to the latest studies. Over 2 million pinners save Shopping Pins on boards...daily. So if you're looking to expand organic reach, Pinterest just might be the next move for your business.

According to Pinterest age demographics data from Pew Research, the platform is most popular among users under the age of 49.

26% of Americans in the 50-64 age group use Pinterest, while about 16% in the 65+ category are active on the platform.

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Do followers really matter on Pinterest?

Not really. You can still drive hundreds of thousands of views with a very small following.

Pinterest shows a user's content to followers first within the followers tab and within the Pinterest Smart feed.

If the content does well among followers, then Pinterest will more likely to show the content to non-followers.

Pinfinite Possibilities

Compared to other platforms, Pinterest is quite a young platform and it's just getting started in endless business marketing possibilities.

Since Pinterest went public with their IPO back in April 2019, you may have noticed a lot more promoted pins circulating in your feed. Perhaps it feels like your stats keep plummeting.

How to Use Pinterest for Business

But that doesn't mean Pinterest is a saturated space...regardless of your niche.

Not sure how to get started with Pinterest marketing?

When it comes to organic website traffic and building your community, some basic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is needed.

SEO your Pinterest boards, pins and bio profile. This includes the board title and board descriptions, pin title and pin descriptions. This helps Pinterest categorize and distribute it when relevant.

Watch the below video to get an overview of simple Pinterest SEO marketing strategies for businesses...

Pinterest algorithms got you pullin' your hair out?

It's not rocket science, but it's not the easiest to grasp either.

The “Smart Feed” is the algorithm that Pinterest uses to determine what a user sees in their Pinterest home feed.

Pinterest's Smart Feed prioritizes pins based on their quality, with quality being determined by their algorithm.

Pinterest is ever evolving. Algorithms are trade secrets for a reason.

Just do your best to keep up with the latest strategies. Most importantly, stay curious with me!

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Whether you are a Pinterest marketing newbie or a pinning ninja, let's get your Pinterest marketing basics down.

Make money on Pinterest with simple SEO strategies.

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How to Use Pinterest for Business