Pinterest Membership Site for Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

Tried all the latest Pinterest tips and tricks but not seeing results?

Able to increase web traffic but have trouble converting leads?

Whether you are a blogger or entrepreneur, leveraging Pinterest in your business strategy can be a game changer.

Pinterest is an increasingly powerful search and discovery network in today's online world. It's almost as powerful as Google.

Pinterest can drive traffic to your website helping you get new eyes on your content, customers for your products and readers for your email list. FaceBook, Instagram and other social media platforms don't have the same level of organic reach!

The Pinfinite Marketing membership ​site is a community of bloggers and entrepreneurs who are looking to:

  • Increase leads + sales in a target market

  • Drive brand awareness to a specific niche

  • Establish expertise + credentials in a saturated market

  • Build a loyal following that organically grows with business

We have a Q+A Forum to answer all your questions on:

  • Pinterest business account setup/cleanup and management

  • Tailwind SmartLoop, Tribes, and pre-scheduling optimization

  • Pin and infographic designs for blogs and website content

  • Promoted pin/ads management

  • SEO and content strategy development

  • Keyword search, content gap analysis and competitor analysis

Ready to rock Pinterest marketing?

No need to pull your hair out over changing algorithms or plummeting stats! Do what you are best at, running your business. Through workshops, videos, and templates, I will help you to drive website traffic and generate quality leads.

Join the Pinfinite Marketing membership if you are ready to:

  • Identify areas where you can optimize Pinterest as a search engine

  • Leverage content across different social media platforms

  • Optimize the latest Pinterest algorithms + strategies

The membership site includes:

  • Monthly 30 Min. Mastermind Call

  • Pinterest Q+A Discussion Forum

  • Live workshops and How-to videos

  • Pinterest, SEO & Tailwind strategies

  • Access hundreds of original stock photos, templates + videos

  • Accountability for your Pinterest marketing goals

Join the Pinfinite Marketing Membership today! Click below to find out more!